A global challenge for non-profit organisations is the ability to generate adequate unrestricted funding to ensure sustainability and longevity through investment in strategic initiatives, building reserves and covering core costs.

Has your organisation battled to develop the business mindset necessary to think outside the box for innovative income generating activities?

Are you crystal clear on what your organisation aims to achieve and have a clearly documented strategy for how you will reach it with adequate income to be sustainable?

At EM Solutions we engage with your current plans and thinking, challenge your assumptions, unlock your creativity and clarify your strategy to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of your theory of change, project implementation strategy, income generation strategy and organisational structure.

Our clients are non-profit organisations who have annual budgets of at least $ 300 000 with a proven record of effective project implementation and solid management structures.

Our process follows the following framework:

  1. Assessment of the existing strategy, documentation and organisational structure.
  2. Facilitated discussion with management and the relevant team to stimulate thinking, creativity and consensus.
  3. Review the documentation of the agreed strategy and action plans to ensure accuracy and a clear message based on the discussion.
  4. Ongoing mentorship to offer a high level of accountability, risk management and guidance in the implementation of the agreed strategy.

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Our service offerings include:

Sustainable Strategy Design

  • Advice to management regarding strategic decisions or organisational structure (adhoc or ongoing support),
  • Facilitated organisational strategic planning, or
  • Specific strategy design, for example; marketing strategy, fundraising strategy, financial management strategy, resource review, project design, amongst others.


Income generation concept and strategy development

For a new business concept:

  • Business Concept Identification & Design (what business idea is plausible in your situation)
  • Business Strategy Development (co-creation of a comprehensive business plan)
  • Implementation support (assist with defining an implementation and action plan, as well as advice and mentoring during implementation

For an existing business concept:

  • Business Definition & Review (what do your existing income-generating activities consist of)
  • Business Improvement Plan (co-created strategy to improve aspects of the business)
  • Implementation Support (advice, templates and connections to assist in implementing the improvements)

Off-the-shelf business options

Instead of designing an income-generating business from scratch, purchase one of the socially focused business concepts that can be customised to your organisation.

Concepts include:

  • Agri-Ambassadors
  • Gym Corners
  • Launch Academy

Additional available support includes:

  • Business concept viability assessment
  • Facilitated business strategy customisation
  • Implementation support and mentoring